A simple idea, For a better world: Clothes Box Foundation

In a decade of startups, there two 22 year old's who started a Non - Profit Organisation. Read on to know: why does the world need an organisation like Clothes Box Foundation, How we function, our journey so far and much more.

The Volunteers’ Diary


CBF volunteers at a distribution drive in Gurugram.

As CBF celebrates three years of making #EveryThreadCount, we take a look at our journey through the anecdotes of our volunteers. From envisage to realization, our enthusiastic volunteers are invariably charged up for new challenges. The team at CBF sports diverse backgrounds – students, working professionals, retired officers and homemakers, who step out as a family for every distribution with avidity. Here we unfold some narratives from team  CBF about the experience of volunteering.


Aarthi Rao is known at CBF for her exemplary passion for helping those in need. Inspired by the unique concept which ensures that the donor’s clothes will reach the right destination, she joined CBF. Frequently enquired about the obvious: how she manages a full time career, her little boy and volunteering with such ease, Aarthi believes it is about prioritizing and doing things which ignite your passion. The first drive she volunteered for in the chilly winters of 2015 is closest to her heart. The team had spotted a place in Gurgaon where refugee families were staying. They distributed clothes, rice and wheat, and toys. She recalls “The joy of those little ones holding soft toys with smile on their faces was a sight I hold dear. I believe volunteering has made me compassionate and helped in teaching my 8-year-old the importance of being humble and giving back to the society.”

Our poster boy of enthusiasm, Kapil Gulati works with a MNC in Gurgaon and strives to contribute to the society in all means possible. Since the sorting parties are planned on weekends, CBF helps him to strike a balance between work and giving back to the society. Kapil reveres the fact that a transparent process enables him to reach out to the underprivileged and have an impact on lives of many. He mentions a drive where Team CBF donated new school dresses to children who could not afford the uniform. He was enthralled seeing the joyous kids running around in the dresses. One of the many instances that he cherishes, this drive is etched in his memory and serves as a constant source of motivation.

Currently pursuing her Bachelors from Delhi University, Palak Taneja is part of CBF’s Social Media Platform team which includes managing updates, posting pictures on Facebook and replying to queries. She describes, “We perpetuate a transparent process by enabling donors to keep a track of their donated clothes by photograph tagging. We click picture of every cloth that we donate with the recipient and upload it on Facebook.” This is a mammoth task, but Palak ensures that each picture is posted with precise details, so the donors can see where their clothes have been utilized. She chuckles to mention her experience at CBF as enriching, “Every drive is a disparate experience, which nurtures my creativity. It inspired me to select a digital marketing course, which I would like to consider as a career”.

These are few of the countless stories that echo at CBF. Every volunteer has a story of empathy and benevolence to share; with us, you can create some of your own. As we scale up the efforts to expand our reach, we solicit your support. Join us in our little social revolution and explore options galore.

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  1. Uday S Mishra

    Organidations like CBF, who are working for betterment of our society, are doing noble job. If we start thinking and doing such type of work at least in our spare time, the scene of our society will change. I wish a great success to CBF.

  2. Shiv Shankar Kr

    Really inspirational ,a good initiative for clothes for all.Best wishes to CBF for its achievement so far & future goal.

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