A simple idea, For a better world: Clothes Box Foundation

In a decade of startups, there two 22 year old's who started a Non - Profit Organisation. Read on to know: why does the world need an organisation like Clothes Box Foundation, How we function, our journey so far and much more.

Steering Change, Together!

Per usual Divya Rupendra was cleaning her closets to put aside some old clothes that she would donate to her watchman. However when Divya noticed the watchman’s family was decently dressed; she decided to give them over to someone in dire need. She started scouting over the internet and came across Clothes Box Foundation. She recollects “I was uncertain if I would hear back but I left my contact details in a message on Facebook describing my intent. To my surprise, I received a call that evening from them.  It was sometime in 2014 when CBF did not have a pick up facility in Hyderabad. They assured me that the clothes would be picked up in a month’s time and I was willing to wait. In a couple of weeks, I received another call and on a rainy afternoon, a man was waiting at my doorstep for the pickup. I have been associated with CBF ever since and I cherish contributing to this wonderful cause.”

Divya is a perennial contributor and has introduced many of her acquaintances to CBF.  She has been actively involved in spreading social awareness for the lack of proper clothing amongst the underprivileged.

A CBF supporter at the outset, Meenu Ghai takes great pride in her engagement. “I learnt about CBF from a friend who was contributing.  I visited CBF’s warehouse and saw the team in action where they were diligently sorting and arranging each piece of garment according to its size and relevance. In few hours, enormous piles of clothes were neatly folded and placed into boxes. Later in the day, I had a discussion with the team on how the venture functioned and what operational challenges they face. I was appeased with everything I had witnessed and decided to donate clothes.  Being aware that I am making an impact on lives of people in need is deeply satisfying.”

Meghna Kaushik was introduced to CBF three years ago when co-founders Saajan and Naman featured in a Times of India article. “Every year during pre-festival cleaning of the house, there would be a pile of clothes that no longer served a purpose for us. With growing kids, this pile was getting bigger. I wanted to donate them but was weary of the idea that the clothes may not be actually used for the needy. I came across an article about CBF. I found them highly organized and transparent as every piece of cloth donated was accounted for by posting photographs of the recipients on their Facebook page. I have been donating clothes for three years now and I find it deeply satisfying. I discern CBF’s mission driven culture which ensures a dignified life for the underprivileged”.

Meghna has helped us share festivities with the underprivileged over the years. Alike Meenu, every now and again she has shared useful insights. Their gestures of kindness help us facilitate a dignified life for many.

We are thankful to our donors who contribute to help us realize our vision: Clean clothing for all. This day we are 2,192 unique donors strong and the demographics are increasing. You can join this pursuit in your own ways; at CBF every contribution is welcomed. If you have clothes to donate, you can drop them at our Gurugram collection facility or request a doorstep pickup. Your simplest act of compassion can steer a change in lives of many.

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  1. U S Mishra

    This noble work of helping needy persons by our new generation, gives me immense pleasure. Wish every success to CBF.

  2. Jyoti Mishra

    I appreciate the work of helping underprivileged people by CBF. I started collecting, cleaning, and arranging the old usable clothes to donate CBF during my visit at New Delhi.

  3. Kunal Arora

    As a nation or as an individual we can never call ourselves developed if we fail to keep a philanthropic outlook to those less privileged.
    CBF and organizations like these are the need of the hour

  4. Jai Gidwani

    I aspire to inspire people to be good and the best way is by doing good to others. Clean clothes directly to the people who need them, hats off to CBF!!!

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